Consumers Guide Proven Winners’ Packaging

Consumers Guide Proven Winners’ Packaging

Proven Winners’ tag and container designs for 2008 have been selected by visitors to the Proven Winners Web site. More than 1,600 people responded to the survey over the course of a week.

"As we continue our marketing effort to attract new and non-gardeners, we thought it was important to get their input on our new packaging," says Marshall Dirks, director of marketing and public relations for Proven Winners. "Just as Mars Inc. has taken votes for new candy colors, we thought it would be helpful to see what consumers said about the size of the logo, the use of color on the container, etc. It’s always wonderful to hear directly from the consumer and exciting to make decisions based on their feedback."


In addition to information already on the tags pertaining to height, exposure, spacing and fertilizer recommendations, the new tags will include plant habit, bloom time, watering information, expanded features and wehther or not the plant is easy to care for.

Gardeners also will find a bit of humor on the back of each plant tag. Fun comments include: "I have pretty bloomers," "My pot or yours?", "I’m pretty and I create oxygen," and "I make other plants green with envy."

"So many people take gardening seriously, and this is our way or reminding people that gardening should be enjoyable," says Proven Winners Program Manager Kerry Meyer. "It is also an attempt to reach out to younger gardeners who may be attracted to a company that is less rigid and more fun."

SOURCE: Proven Winners