Costa Farms Promotes Tropic Escape Patio Collection

Costa Farms Promotes Tropic Escape Patio Collection

Busy consumers shouldn’t have to work hard to quickly transform their yards from winter gloom to spring bloom – at least that’s the message Costa Farms is trying to convey with its new Tropic Escape Patio Collection. Pairing and potting the big, bright blooms of compact hibiscus and mandevilla takes the bending and digging out of enjoying the outdoors.

“From the busy homeowner to the small-space apartment dweller, the Tropic Escape Patio Collection offers brilliant, full-color outdoor interest from spring through fall,” says Karen Weir-Jimerson, garden editor and expert for Costa Farms. “Best yet, these plants bloom non-stop and are easy to care for.”

Costa Farms will market the merchandised Tropic Escape collection under a bright-red umbrella at big box home improvement stores and mass merchandisers. Plants will be sold in citrus-hued deco pots.

For more care information, visit the Costa Farms website and check out the Costa video tips page.

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