Cottage Gardens Installs Wind Turbine

After 19 months of planning and preparation, a 120-foot-tall wind turbine is operational at Cottage Gardens, Inc., a wholesale nursery in Perry, OH. An estimated 85% of the power generated from the turbine will be used to power irrigation pumps throughout the property. First Energy will buy back the additional 15% for use throughout its distribution area.

The Enertech 40kW turbine consists of three blades with a 44-foot rotor diameter. With wind speeds estimated at 5.5 m/s it is expected to produce approximately 70,000kWh/yr. This will contribute 50% of the energy used at the location. The turbine is centrally located on Cottage Garden property in Madison, Ohio. Wolverine Power Systems of Zeeland, Mich., is handling the installation and servicing of this wind energy system. 
"As a member of the Green Industry, Cottage Gardens has intrinsically been committed to improving the environment. We are continually looking at how we, as a company, can contribute to the sustainability of our natural resources. Although the process and expense of the project are quite extensive, after comprehensive research, we determined the wind turbine to be the best, longest-lasting option to continue the Cottage Gardens’ commitment to environmental improvement," said Nate Hicks, C.E.O. at The Cottage Gardens.

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