CropKing Offers Growers Workshop For Large Commercial Grower Or Backyard Hobby Grower

CropKing HydroponicsCropKing, Inc., a manufacturer of greenhouse structures and distributor of greenhouse and complete hydroponic systems, will be offering two-day grower training workshops this summer at their facilities in Lodi, Ohio.

The grower workshops are taught by the company’s horticulturalists and incorporate classroom teaching with hands-on learning in CropKing’s research greenhouses.

Topics covered include: basic botany; seedling propagation, growing and harvesting practices for multiple crops in hydroponic systems; and greenhouse designs, systems and equipment. Lunch is provided on both days, as well as an afternoon visit on the second day to a privately owned commercial greenhouse.

The cost is $595 for two people, and an additional third and fourth person can be added for $250 each.

Upcoming workshops at the Lodi, Ohio location are as follows:

  • July 10-11
  • August 5-6

Upcoming workshops at the Quakertown, Pa location are as follows:

  • October 10-11

“Today’s consumers want to know where their produce was grown, and they appreciate buying it from a local grower,” says CropKing owner Marilyn Brentlinger. “Hydroponic growing in a controlled environment like a greenhouse offers a longer growing season and relieves the stress of worrying about the weather.”

Visit the CropKing website ( for more information.

Source: CropKing, Inc.

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