Dazzling Debuts

Each April, California’s U.S. Highway 101 becomes the runway for the launch of new annuals and perennials. From Gilroy in the north and then south to the Los Angeles/Ventura area, the journey continues down I-5 to Encinitas. In addition to flower breeders and propagators that are already based in California, others will come from as far as Japan, Israel, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom to showcase their new offerings, April 14-22.

Greenheart Farms in Arroyo Grande will be an expanded destination with new exhibitors: Dümmen USA, Sahin, ITML and The John Henry Co. In response to the well-received seed versus vegetative comparisons last year, The Plug Connection in Vista will add vegetative versus vegetative comparisons in lantana, nemesia, New Guinea impatiens and broadleaf verbena.

Below is an alphabetical list of participants. If you’re planning to attend the trials, please schedule appointments at each location in advance. If not, stay tuned for Greenhouse Grower’s Online Pack Trials coverage beginning Monday, April 16 on www.greenhousegrower.com or watch for our June issue for complete coverage.

301 Natividad Rd., Salinas, CA
April 15-22
Contact: Julia Paul, 831-443-4901, Ext. 36

Arroyo Grande, CA

1200 Via Regina, Santa Barbara, CA
(at Imagination Canyon Greenhouse)
April 14-20
Contact: Jessica DeGraaf, 616-464-0605

1851 W. Olive St., Lompoc, CA
April 16-20
Contact: Sylvia Pardo, 626-442-6161

2302 Bautista Ave., Vista, CA
Dates to be determined
Contact: Jen Sullivan, 760-630-4170

4860 Monterey Rd., Gilroy, CA
(at Headstart Nursery)
April 15-22
Contact: Reese Kiikka, 440-357-6280

15245 Telegraph Rd., Santa Paula, CA
April 15-20
Contact: Diana Dickenson, 805-525-7125

222 North A Street, Lompoc, CA
April 16-20
Contact: Shannon Neal, 574-243-8100

1260 Hwy. 1, Watsonville, CA
April 14-20
Contact: Sandra Cortez, 831-728-0500

2280 Hecker Pass Hwy., Gilroy, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Keysha Weintz, 408-847-7333

902 Zenon Way, Arroyo Grande, CA
(also includes Dümmen USA, Sahin, 
ITML and The John Henry Company)
April 16-21
Contact: Karen Franck, 805-481-2234, Ext. 20

4107 W. Gonzales Rd., Oxnard, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Paul Gaydos, paul@grolink.com 

2640 San Juan Highway,
San Juan Bautista, CA
(at Speedling, includes Farmen,
Global Flowers, Hem Genetics
GGG-Gruenewald and Murakami Seed)
April 14-20
Contact: Maria Guertler, 800-422-4678

270 Rucker Ave., Gilroy, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Jeff McGrew, 360-445-2031

4860 Monterey Rd., Gilroy, CA
(at Headstart Nursery)
April 14-20
Contact: Tammy Ozuna, 315-635-2531

750 Casserly Rd., Watsonville, CA
(also includes Agrexco, Hishtil, Cohen, Jaldety and Schwartz)
Contact: Jennifer (Leggett) Swart
831-722-5396, Ext. 205

355 S. Briggs Rd., Santa Paula, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Mary Long, 630-588-3187

800 Ecke Ranch Rd., Encinitas, CA
April 14-21

3376 Foothill Rd., Carpinteria, CA
(at Island View Nursery)
April 16-21
Contact: Margaret Pryde, 805-569-9179

2627 Ramona Drive, Vista, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Lisa Finnegan
760-631-0992, Ext. 118

3219 Aqueduct Rd., Bonsall, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Kerry Strope Meyer, 573-477-9420

7240 Holsclaw Rd., Gilroy, CA
April 15-21
Contact: Ashley Dekker, 800-454-8159

103 Boronda Rd., Salinas, CA
April 16-17, 20-22
Contact: Nicole Naragon, 260-672-3820

1150 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, CA
April 14-22
Contact: Angela Storm, 410-798-7731

6500 Donlon Rd., Somis, CA
April 14-21
Contact: Sharleen Webster, 800-877-6737

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