Dosatron Partners With Easy Feed Systems

Dosatron International, Inc. recently announced that it has partnered with the Oakland, CA-based firm Dosa Distributions LLC, the engineers of Easy Feed Systems to create modular, ready-to-install panel systems for the hydroponics and boutique garden markets.

“Dosatron has been seeking to expand our service of the hydroponics market for some time,” said Dosatron’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Pam Temko. “When Easy Feed Systems approached us with their idea, we knew this was a great way to provide a simple, ready-made solution for hydroponics and boutique growers.”

“When we first got the idea for Easy Feed, we knew we’d need to partner with a great company, and we did our homework,” said Dosa Distributions Director of Sales Gabriel Goodhart. “When we compared Dosatron to the other companies we could have partnered with, the choice was clear. We found that Dosatron was the most consistent, reliable doser on the market, and it was exactly the thing we needed to make our system a success.”

Easy Feed’s modular panels feature Dosatron proportional chemical injectors, unions and fittings for easy installation, proper filtration equipment, and a timer and solenoids for electrical automation. Other optional accessories, such as inline mixers, R/O and low-pressure modifications, digital gauges, and additional solenoids and drip sites, are also available. The panels can be customized to accommodate multiple injectors to inject different nutrients in a single water line, utilizing one or multiple zones.

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