Dümmen And Agribio Close Merger Under DNA Green Group Name

Breeding and young plant production companies Dümmen and Agribio Group have successfully closed their intended merger. The new company will continue forward under the name DNA Green Group.

As a floricultural breeding company focused on cut flowers, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials, DNA Green Group offers a broad product portfolio that includes innovative products and marketing concepts. With well-known brands including Red Fox, Fides, Barberet & Blanc, Ecke and Lex+, the leadership of DNA Green Group says the company is committed to investing in research and development, product quality and marketing to provide high-quality products and service to its customers.

DNA Green Group has a worldwide network of propagation locations and sales organizations. It is committed to creating value in the chain by investing in leading-edge breeding techniques and marketing concepts. Headquartered in DeLier, the Netherlands, DNA Green Group has 6,000 employees worldwide. For more information, visit the new DNA Green Group website.

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