Friends Of Long Island Horticulture Announces 2014 Grants

The Friends of Long Island Horticulture recently announced the recipients of the 2014 research grant competition.

Thanks to the generosity of contributors to the Friends’ fund-raising campaign, $25,618 in grants was awarded for nine different research projects this year.

The Friends of Long Island Horticulture was organized in 1993 by individuals in the New York horticulture industry to raise funds to support the research and educational efforts of Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center (LIHREC). To date, through the generosity of many ‘Friends,’ nearly $500,000 has been awarded through the competitive grant process.

Research funding from the Friends of Long Island Horticulture benefits all horticultural commodities through consultations by telephone, educational meetings, integrated pest management, industry-driven research and publications, as well as diagnosis and control recommendations for diseases, insects, weeds and nutritional problems.

The 2014 proposals funded by the Friends of Long Island Horticulture that involve the ornamental and greenhouse vegetable industry include:

  • Tomato variety trial evaluation, Sandra Menasha.
  • Evaluation of cucumber varieties resistant to downy mildew, Dr. Margaret McGrath.
  • Comparison of efficacy, phytotoxicity, and other characteristics of copper fungicides, Dr. Margaret McGrath.
  • Investigating the use of fertilizers and vermicompost extract to manage fusarium wilt in basil, Dr. Neil Mattson and Margery Daughtrey.
  • Control of wax scale on nursery ornamentals, Dan Gilrein.

Source: Friends of Long Island Horticulture Research and Extension Center

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