Indigo Mystique Orchid Joins Blue Mystique

Indigo Mystique Orchid Joins Blue Mystique

Indigo Mystique Orchid Joins Blue Mystique

Silver Vase is back in the news with the Indigo Mystique orchid, sibling to the Blue Mystique orchid. This latest introduction features rich, deep fuchsia blooms that become indigo with different electric shades.


“Since the incredible debut of our Blue Mystique orchid, consumers have clamored for another introduction,” says Silver Vase CEO Andrew Bartha. “We’re very pleased to add the Indigo Mystique orchid to the Blue Mystique family.”

Indigo Mystique and Blue Mystique are made with exclusive technology, which Silver Vase describes as “infused from the inside to transform flowers to fuchsia and then intense indigo.” Buds on the current stem will open to a range of shades because they were closed at the time of treatment. As the circle of life continues and the healthy orchid grows, a new stem will bring fuchsia flowers.

Its long-lasting, lovely blooms shine on a dramatic single or double spike. Indigo Mystique thrives in low to medium light and comes in 5-inch pots and in combinations with bromeliads.

To order Indigo Mystique, contact Silver Vase at [email protected] or 800-872-6586.

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Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

Fake is still fake no matter the color. As far as I can tell the consumer is not made aware of the deception. Sorry, thumbs down on orchids dyed wild unnatural colors. I don’t much like it in food either.

Wm. Schlagbaum says:

3-27-12 Ohio time is 7:25 p.m. I just want to know how to get my Indigo Orchid to bloom. I received this on my birthday 2-4-12 and now all flowers dropped off. What do I need to do to get it to bloom again. I loved this plant. I want it to bloom again, and again. Please answer me if you would answer I would surely appreciate it. The Schlagbaums -27-12 7:25 Ohio time

shari says:

We love ours!! bought my Mom one last year, just because I saw it ! and she loves purple!! it bloomed and bloomed !! she has many orchids, this is her fav:) were looking for more, we are in Idaho. so were just waiting till another batch arrives this year! we hope, hers froze in her sun room upstairs (she got ill) I thought I fou d one today the tag was soo simliar but got it home and it's a Lila Mystique and says the new blooms will be white.. 🙁 bummer anyway just wanted you to know we LOVE these!! outa this world!! ps Iam now a Orchid lover!!:)

Diana says:

Anyone can put food coloring in their plant water. Such a rip off that these are sold as if they are some exotic variety.

Raechel says:

Such a disappointment. All you'll get is that when your new blooms are white. It ain't worth spending an extra $10 for something so artificial

Carla says:

I received an Indigo Mystique in Nov, 2012 and its still alive! It was the most amazing color I had ever seen almost looked neon. I don't care how they got the color I loved it. It is now the most beautiful two tone color of fuchsia and has more blooms on it now than it did when I got it. If I could post a before and after pic I would. I keep it in the bathroom, I have that thick brick type glass for the window and I give it 3 ice cubes for moisture about every other week. Love, love, love it. It represents hope to me!

lena says:

Where from indigo fushia