Monrovia Ships Internationally

Monrovia Growers in Visalia, Calif., is the first California nursery to be accepted into the new U.S. Nursery Certification Program (USNCP), a new program that allows nursery stock to be shipped outside the U.S. without an export inspection. Monrovia’s Dayton, Ore., nursery was accepted last year when the program was still in pilot testing. “While a majority of plant material that is shipped to Canada comes from our Oregon nursery, there is still a demand for tropicals, citrus and other tender plants from the Visalia location,” explained Sal Soriano, general manager Monrovia Visalia.

Monrovia has established a system of policies and processes that have been approved by the USDA, and as part of the program, both nurseries will be audited on a regular basis.

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