November 19, 2013

Suntory Reveals Its 2014 Consumer Advertising Plans

To help growers and retailers prepare for the coming spring season, Suntory Flowers announces its multimedia consumer advertising plans for 2014. Leading lifestyle publications where advertising will appear include: • Better Homes & Gardens – April issue (Sun Parasol) • Southern Living – March issue (Sun Parasol) • Sunset – March issue (Sun Parasol) – Plus an extensive digital campaign March through May beginning with Senetti, then transitioning to Sun Parasol. Publications that already engage the avid gardener, where advertising will appear include: • Country Gardens – Early Spring (Senetti) and Spring (Sun Parasol) back covers • Fine Gardening – January/February (Senetti), March/April (Senetti), May/June (Sun Parasol) issues and the Container Gardening issue (Sun Parasol). A multi-faceted digital campaign will run March through May, starting with Senetti and then transitioning to Sun Parasol, while also featuring key annuals in The Suntory Collection. • Inspirations  – the official publication published by […]

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American Floral Endowment Murder Sex Greed video

November 18, 2013

Murder Sex Greed: See The American Floral Endowment Awareness Initiative Video

The words “murder,” “sex” and “greed” aren’t normally associated with floriculture, unless you are AFE, which at the September 2013 annual fundraising dinner launched a fresh and eye-opening approach to educating the industry about the positive impacts it makes on critical industry problems. “It’s no secret that flowers and plants make people happy,” Paul Bachman, AFE Chairman and President of Bachman’s, Inc., said. “However, AFE and the many ways it benefits the entire floral industry are secrets that need to be discovered by more retailers, wholesalers, growers, importers and allied organizations. We took a somewhat surprising approach so that people will take notice.” AFE, an independent nonprofit organization that funds research and scholarships in floriculture and environmental horticulture, created a custom animated short video, spotlighting how AFE-funded research supports healthier and longer lasting flowers and plants and how its scholarships and grants promote training and hands-on experience for future industry […]

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November 18, 2013

Dr. Allan Armitage Issues A Challenge To The Industry

Looking forward, marketing itself effectively will continue to be the biggest challenge the floriculture industry faces, according to Dr. Allan Armitage, professor emeritus of horticulture at the University of Georgia, where he taught for more than 30 years. “We have to be more creative and market ourselves,” he says. “Until we get a national marketing program that everyone throws money into, we will not go anywhere. We need to promote the message that using our products is healthy and makes people feel better. We have to focus on the young people. We need to have a message for them – that they need plants, they need us – and it has to reach them on TV and social media.” The garden of tomorrow is all about lifestyle and ease, and it doesn’t go much further than the deck. That means growers need to produce more lifestyle plants and “paint-by-number” combinations […]

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Suntory plant hunter video

October 29, 2013

Suntory And GGS Structures Unveil Action-Adventure Marketing Videos

Greenhouse suppliers are taking a shot at creating some of the action and adventure you’d normally find in Hollywood in their fall marketing. And they seem to be having a lot of fun making the videos. Suntory has rolled out its Epic Journey Behind Sun Parasol Mandevillas video series. The first installment is an adventure-packed mini-movie detailing the story of Tomoya Misato, the breeder of Sun Parasol mandevillas. Misato had just discovered a mandevilla in the jungle when he was attacked and robbed by bandits. The video series aims to honor the contributions of flower breeders worldwide and captures the passion, dedication and even danger behind plant breeding. “When you think of flower breeders, the first image that comes to mind is a quiet scientist patiently pollinating plant specimens in a greenhouse, wearing a white laboratory coat,” says Taizo Chinju, managing director of Suntory Flowers. “To achieve something truly bold, […]

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Helenium 'Mariachi Siesta' from Plants Nouveau

October 28, 2013

Plants Nouveau’s Helenium Mariachi Series Offers Bold New Colors

Brought to Plants Nouveau from Arie Blom of AB-Cultivars in The Netherlands, the Mariachi series of Helenium autumnalis is compact and bushy. Cultivars are available in brilliant tomato red, fiery orange, glowing gold and sunshine yellow. These plants come from the lab potyvirus free, so please replace your stock each year. The series features include: No mildew Don’t flop Easily scheduled for summer or early fall blooms Brilliant colors New colors for 2014 are: Salsa – spicy red flowers with a hint of orange Fuego – orange flowers with a bright gold halo Siesta – a deep true red with ruffled edges Siesta will add dimension to your garden with its deep red, rounded blooms. This spectacular helenium will stand alone and upright in your garden as a colorful beacon to draw your eye deep into the border. Its round, compact habit stands tall and does not flop in the garden, and […]

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August 6, 2013

HGTV HOME Plant Collection Rolling Out Essential Perennials This Summer

The HGTV HOME Plant Collection is launching its new line of Essential Perennials, designed to satisfy increasing demand for plant varieties that offer sustainability year after year, according to Randy Hunter, Managing Partner of Agricola Management Group, exclusive licensee for the Plant Collection. The new line covers the spectrum of popular perennials with varieties ranging from coreopsis and sedum to salvia and dianthus. A leading home and lifestyle brand, HGTV worked in conjunction with Agricola Management Group to develop Essential Perennials in addition to its Expressions Annuals Collections. “Sustainability is the name of the game in gardening today. While there will always be a strong market for annuals, there’s a growing demand for high impact and big color perennials that reappear in the garden or landscape the following year.” says Hunter. “Our new line of Essential Perennials features America’s top perennial favorites, designed to thrive in home gardens.” HGTV and […]

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September 28, 2012

LumiGrow Pro Series Horticultural Lights

Lowering costs and providing the correct levels of light to crops are necessary concerns for any grower. A new LED lighting solution that addresses both of these concerns is now on the market. By teaming up with LumiGrow, Inc., a leader in smart horticultural lighting, Growers Supply now offers innovative LED grow lights for greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture. With the LumiGrow Pro 325 and 650 Horticultural Lights, growers will reduce energy costs by up to 70 percent and boost yields by providing the exact light levels and spectra that plants need. “With the LumiGrow Pro series, growers no longer need to choose between boosting yields and controlling operating costs,” says LumiGrow CEO Kevin Wells. “The LumiGrow Pro series delivers the best of both worlds: tremendous power and energy efficiency unrivaled by any other light.” LumiGrow Pro series lights have a 50,000 hour rating without degradation, lasting up to 10 […]

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September 5, 2012

Tips For Producing Leucanthemum

Leucanthemum, or Shasta Daisy, has always been a favorite of gardeners. The simple daisy flower has great appeal, and they are fairly easy to grow. The name Shasta Daisy was designated by the breeder, Luther Burbank. He named his new hybrid after Mt. Shasta, a snow-capped mountain in northern California. The name Leucanthemum is derived from the Greek words leukos, “white,” and anthemon, “flower.” In recent years there has been a boom in the breeding of Leucanthemum and the development of new petal colors and forms. Green Fuse Botanicals has three distinct varieties in the First Light Perennial collection. All three varieties are first year flowering, requiring no vernalization. Consequently, they can be received later in the growing calendar, greatly reducing crop times. These perennials will also flower continuously through the first spring/summer, allowing the grower to produce them any time during the growing season. With a bit of plant […]

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August 24, 2012

Impatiens Are Not Down And Out

Impatiens — it’s not only a plant genus; these days, it’s a state of mind. With confirmed reports of Impatiens Downy Mildew in more than 20 states as of July 31 and disease pressure in 2013 expected to be worse, the industry is beginning to understand just how serious this issue could be for producers who grow one of the most popular bedding plants in America. “Impatiens avoidance behavior will largely be seen for the first time in 2013,” says Cornell University Plant Pathologist Margery Daughtrey. “More outbreaks are occurring all the time that will continue to affect customer demand next spring. The amount of inoculum available in the trade and in the garden beds will interact with the spring weather patterns to determine what will happen next year — and those are all unknowns.” But it’s not all bad news. Growers who preventatively treated for Impatiens Downy Mildew and […]

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May 25, 2012

Hydroponics Give Growers Control

Hydroponic systems allow for better control of nutrient uptake and improved temperature and oxygen management of the root zone. The more control a grower has, the more optimized conditions can be provided to the plants.

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