SAF’s Pest And Production Management Conference To Be Held in San Diego Feb. 20-22

SAF PPMCDiscover the latest advancements in crop protection at the 2014 SAF Pest & Production Management Conference, to be held Feb. 20-22 in San Diego.

There will be 22 expert-led sessions and hands-on workshops such as:

• Stop the Crop Jumpers: How to manage pests and diseases that can move back and forth between ornamental and vegetable crops.
• ABC’s of Fertilizers: How to avoid problems and get the best “bang for your buck.”
• Legal Requirements for Growing: An overview of California’s nursery, flower grower and retailer licensing laws, rules and recommendations.
• Biological Treatment of Captured Runoff: A look at slow sand filtration removal of pathogens from runoff water to be reused for irrigation.

Nearly 20 states offer pesticide re-certification credits to attendees of the conference. California participants can now earn six law and regulation credit hours and 10 other credit hours.

For more details about P&PMC, visit SAF’s website. Members can register online using their SAF number.

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