SAF’s Pest And Production Management Conference Will Offer Small-Group, Hands-On Sessions

SAF PPMCTest your working knowledge and practice your diagnostic and scouting skills using live samples and real-world tools during in-depth breakout sessions at the 2014 SAF Pest & Production Management Conference, to be held February 20-22 in San Diego.

Each of these small-group, hands-on sessions repeats four times so attendees will have an opportunity to rotate through all of them:

Pesticide Product Labels: Learn about the information you should find on a label, how various companies present it and the different types of labels in the marketplace, and hear about the new Global Harmonization requirements.

Pest Identification: Are you looking at a bagrada bug or a whitefly? Can you tell chilli thrips from western flower thrips? Do you know Duponchelia fovealis when you see it? Get hands-on practice and help with your detection and identification skills, along with tips on how to deal with the problem once you’ve identified it.

Disease Identification: Is your plant disease a powdery or downy mildedw, root rot or vascular wilt, bacterial or fungal? Learn how to tell some of the most common diseases apart and get practice using test kits to diagnose plant viruses.

Weed Identification: This session will help you identify weeds in production areas, understand the best times to control them and learn how to take advantage of the weed’s biology to reduce its impact.

For complete program details visit SAF’s website. Members can register online using their SAF number.

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