Stop At Schoneveld While You’re At Horti Fair

Schoneveld Twello is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a special invitation to Horti Fair attendees. Schoneveld will hold the Profitable Inspiration Seminar on October 12 in Twello, Netherlands, featuring speakers on marketing, cultivation and sustainability. Guests will also be welcome to tour Schoneveld’s Veranda Selections outdoor flower trials and indoor flower trials.

Speakers include: 

  • Marc Eijsackers, manager marketing at FloraHolland, comes from the world of transport and insurance. What is the key to success in insurance and what can the ornamental plant sector learn from insurance? Is it about a concept, does quality sell itself, or is marketing a combination of both?
  • Antony Brouwers, founder of technology company GrowTechnology, combines biology, chemistry and physics to achieve surprising results. As a former rose grower, he is familiar with seeking the limits. How far can you go to prevent Botrytis? There’s more to it than just the climate. But does the plant still feel comfortable in such conditions?
  • Eduard Böhtingk is the architect of the new Rabobank offices in De Lier. He received a nomination for the Building Business Golden Green Award. His building demonstrates that extremely low energy consumption levels do not have to deter from good architecture. Quite the reverse, make a virtue of necessity. Everyone has their own view on sustainability, but can you earn money with it? Rabobank Westland’s new building is a great example of a sustainable strategy.

For more information on the event, visit the Schoneveld website.

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