True Reflections

True Reflections

There’s always a lot to reflect on this time of year. OFA Short Course and the Seeley Conference are on the books for this year, another spring/summer growing season is completed and the new challenges of next year lie ahead. We hope this issue of Greenhouse Grower will give you a few new ideas for your business next year and beyond. 

Lean And Mean


Our new Group Editor Richard Jones attended both his first Seeley Conference and OFA Short Course this year. Richard heard about Lean Horticulture at Seeley, and I heard about it at OFA. I attended a session presented by Gary Cortes of Flow Vision and as he spoke I could tell the audience was already thinking about ways to incorporate his ideas. I really liked how Gary explained Takt calculations. It’s not about cramming more work into less time. It’s about beginning at the end. How many cuttings need to be stuck? How much time is there to work with? So how many cuttings need to be stuck per minute? How many employees are available to work on the task? That’s Lean.

Hang on – what’s Takt again? Check out Richard’sfor more details on Lean and a quick rundown of Lean lingo. 

Growers Speak Their Minds

The growers who attended this year’s grower town hall at OFA Short Course were a little timid at the start, but really got good conversation flowing, with a little help from MC Lloyd Traven. I especially enjoyed the discussion related to education. Once little kids plant their very own sunflower seed in an empty milk carton, that memory lasts much longer than the lifespan of the sunflower. Maybe some of us have given up on Generation X, but let’s not give up on the kiddies. For all the details on the discussion, see 

More Online

As in every issue of Greenhouse Grower, when you see our More Online logo, log onto for exclusive Web coverage. This was the first year we blogged from the road during Short Course, so there are even more details on new varieties, services and other products on the Web. My favorite is exacum ‘Navy Star.’ It’s such a great color – my favorite color – and I’d pick it up at retail without even thinking twice about it. Find out where you can get it at