The next wave of online marketing/communications is here, and it is video. Through the first eight months of 2010, growers watched more than 325 videos on GGTV, and they watched these videos more than 66,000 times. Growers clearly appreciate the extensive amount of information they can discern from a video, not to mention the value of being able to see the products or practices they are learning about as opposed to just reading about them.

Suppliers can take advantage of the booming popularity of video to market their product in a number of ways:


Video pre-roll – A video pre-roll is a 15-second-long commercial that will run before every video on GGTV (except for FloriCAST) for a month. Advertisers can provide this video to us, or we can produce it for you for a fee.
o Link to a video with a sample pre-roll

Studio M – In 2009, Meister Media invested in its future with the construction of Studio M, a full scale filming and editing studio located within the company’s headquarters building. Studio M and our video production personnel is available for rental, and then we can work with you to develop a distribution plan for this video.
o Info on Studio M capabilities w/ examples