12 New Poinsettias For Holiday Growing

Poinsettias are still a consumer favorite during the holidays for home décor and gift giving. With colors ranging from creamy white to pink, yellow, orange, and the classic red, as well as marbled and flecked novelty varieties, there is no shortage of varieties for greenhouse growers to choose from. Here are 12 new varieties to keep in mind for future growing.

Euphorbia ‘Aries Red’ (Beekenkamp)

New for 2016, ‘Aries Red’ has medium vigor and a natural flower date of November 21. It branches easily with a good V-shape. ‘Aries Red’ is suitable for 2½-inch to 6- or 7-inch pots and is ideal in combination with succulent 2½-inch miniatures.

Euphorbia ‘Astro Red’ (Beekenkamp)

New in 2015, ‘Astro Red’ has medium to tall vigor and an excellent shelf life. It branches easily and has a strong V-shape. It is suitable for 4- to 10-inch pots and both warmer and cooler climates. ‘Astro Red’ works well in combination with succulent 2½-inch miniatures.

Euphorbia ‘Autumn Leaves’ (Dümmen Orange)

‘Autumn Leaves’ is new for 2016 and will attract attention with its warm, autumnal tones of peach, yellow, and pink. With a response time of 7½ weeks, ‘Autumn Leaves’ is an essential addition to your early holiday growing program. Try finishing in bulb pans for a unique Thanksgiving centerpiece. Japan Flower Selection recently selected ‘Autumn Leaves,’ also known as ‘Poinsettia Gold,’ for its best flower pot plant award.

Euphorbia ‘Christmas Beauty Marble’ (Selecta)

‘Christmas Beauty Marble’ is a standout among traditional poinsettias with a striking, saturated pink and cream marble pattern. It features the same controlled habit for better sleeving and shipping, along with the space efficiency for which the Christmas series is known.

Euphorbia ‘Christmas Glory Pink’ (Selecta)

The Christmas Glory series offers a compact habit that is great for grab-n-go gifts at retail in 6-inch and smaller mini-sized pots. Christmas Glory poinsettias thrive in cool temperatures, saving energy for the grower. Plants are uniform, showing even branching with all bracts on top. Their color is bright and non-fading. Pink and White are new introductions for 2016.

Euphorbia ‘Envy’ (Dümmen Orange)

A truly unique poinsettia, ‘Envy’ sports lime-green bracts that pair well with many styles of holiday décor. A consumer favorite in Metrolina Greenhouses’ Home Garden Panel, ‘Envy’ has an 8½-week response time with a strong, upright habit that provides longevity and impulse appeal at retail.

Euphorbia ‘Ferrara’ (Dümmen Orange)

‘Ferrara’ finishes fast and is perfect for Black Friday promotions. With a seven-week response time and medium to high vigor, ‘Ferrara’ is a classic red poinsettia that is a value-minded choice for high-density production, which allows for increased units per acre.

Euphorbia ‘Hera Red’ (Beekenkamp)

New for 2016, ‘Hera Red’ is bright red in color with large cyathia. With its medium vigor, Hera is perfect for larger pot sizes. Its sturdy flower stems and definite V-shape reduce its susceptibility to stem breakage. ‘Hera Red’ is uniform and suitable for both warmer and cooler climates, and has a natural flower date of November 28 with a reaction time of eight weeks. It has an excellent shelf life.

Euphorbia ‘Leona Red’ (Beekenkamp)

New for 2016, ‘Leona Red’ is easy to grow in different climate zones and does not require a lot of growth regulators. It adapts easily to differences in temperature and light levels. With its medium vigor, you achieve the best number of Leona plants per square meter when you grow them at standard production temperatures. Plants are uniform with a very strong V-shape. They have sturdy, strong flower stems and are suitable for growing in 6- to 10-inch pots.

Euphorbia ‘Rinehart Code 257’ (Rinehart)

Code 257 is a mid-size bract poinsettia with compact, dense branching and a low tendency to stretch. Its bract color has a blue-red hue that is similar to that of dark poinsettias. You will need to add additional vegetative time to build 6½ and larger forms. Code 257 matures well for post-Thanksgiving sales. Distribution of rooted material is through EuroAmerican Propagators.

Euphorbia ‘Rinehart Code 619’ (Rinehart)

Code 619 is a bright white, upright-bract poinsettia. It is a good candidate for cold finish schedules, as its white coloration holds up fairly well in reduced growing temperatures. Vigorous poinsettia treatment and pinch schedules should be used, allowing for a maximum of two weeks from pinch to short days for a 6-inch, pinched poinsettia. Distribution of rooted material is through EuroAmerican Propagators.

Euphorbia ‘Rinehart Code 874’ (Rinehart)

A vigorous, fancy-grade poinsettia, Code 874 is bright red with strong stems and upright branching. With the upper shoot dominance of Code 874, Florel treatment can be a benefit because branching can be limited to four to five shoots. 847 performs best as a pinched 8-inch plant and a straight up three- to nine-bloom poinsettia. Distribution of rooted material is through EuroAmerican Propagators.

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