12 New Succulents To Consider

12 New Succulents To Consider

Rancho Tissue Technologies introduces the Rancho Collection, an exclusive selection of varieties handpicked or bred specifically for the company.

The collection includes varieties such as Agave ovatifolia ‘Vanzie’, distinguished by its leaf cupping, which is much more intense than in standard ovatifolia selections.

In addition to ‘Vanzie,’ the Rancho Collection’s inaugural varieties include five more agaves: ‘Blue Flame,’ ‘Blue Glow,’ ‘Cameron Blue,’ ‘Dragon Toes’ and ‘Globe'; plus two aloes: ‘Violet’ and ‘Delta Lights'; two dyckias: ‘Brittle Star’ and ‘Burgundy Ice'; and two echeverias: ‘Purple Afterglow’ and ‘White Cloud.’

“These varieties are carefully chosen for their unique and distinctive features,” says Heather May, owner and founder. “Our breeder Kelly Griffin worked with our specific goals in mind to create the best varieties so growers and homeowners alike will be happy.”

All Rancho Collection varieties are produced by tissue culture. Visit RanchoTissue.com for more information.

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