2015 University Of Georgia (Athens, Ga.) Field Trials Results

Approximately 700 to 800 annuals and hundreds of perennials, along with roses, are trialed at the University of Georgia. During the spring of 2015, Athens had mild temperatures and above average rainfall. By June, however, the temperatures shot through the roof. For about 21/2 months, they were very hot (90°F +) days and very little rain. The weather did cool in late summer. The effects of the summer heat were visible on the plants, but many rebounded in the cooler climate.

Top Performers

■ Alyssum ‘Lavender Stream’
■ Begonia ‘Baby Wing Bicolor’
■ Caladium ‘Debutante’
■ Capsicum ‘Basket of Fire’
■ Coleus ‘Campfire’
■ Trixi Fairy Combos
■ Impatiens ‘Sun Harmony Pink’
■ Pelargonium ‘Big Ezee Pink’
■ Petunia ‘Tidal Wave Silver’
■ Petunia ‘Supertunia Violet Star Charm’
■ Portulaca ‘Mojave Red Improved’
■ Scaevola ‘Scalora Jewel’
■ Vinca ‘Cora Cascade Strawberry’

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