2015 University of Tennessee Gardens (Knoxville and Jackson, Tenn.) Field Trials Results

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville had a great trialing season. While June was certainly hotter and drier than usual, July and August were cooler and wetter than normal, with the result being an exceptional growing season and a great display. With the great summer weather, there were very few of the more than 175 trials that performed poorly.

Best In Show

■ Petunia ‘Tidal Wave Red Velour’

Best Series

■ Portulaca ‘Mojave’
■ Gerbera ‘Hello!’
■ Vinca ‘Valient’

Top Performers

■ Sedum ‘Lemon Coral’
■ Vinca ‘Valiant Lilac’
■ Coleus ‘ColorBlaze Velveteen’
■ Ipomoea ‘SolarPower Black’
■ Ipomoea ‘SolarPower Red’
■ Dahlia ‘Dahlightful Lively Lavender’
■ Bidens ‘Campfire Fireburst’
■ Gerbera ‘Hello! Miss Scarlet’
■ Portulaca ‘Mojave Red’
■ Petunia ‘Supertunia Latte’
■ Coleus ‘Campfire’

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