2017 Dallas Arboretum Field Trials Results

Trials at the Dallas Arboretum in Dallas, TX, are conducted year round and include annuals, perennials, and bulbs, with roughly 1,300 entries this year (111 perennials, 180 summer annuals, 118 All-America selections, 445 spring annuals, 341 fall/winter annuals, and 105 vegetables). The trials experienced an unusual amount of rain this summer, which caused changes in humidity and temperature. New to the trials this year was the addition of more vegetable varieties.

Top Performers: Portulaca Colorblast Single and Double Series (Westhoff)

Best of Show 
Cannas Cannova Series (Proven Winners)
Impatiens x hybrida Sunpatiens (Sakata Ornamentals)

Consumer Favorites
Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’ (Benary)
Cannas Cannova Series (Proven Winners)
Portulaca Colorblast Single and Double Series (Westhoff)
Impatiens x hybrida Sunpatiens (Sakata Ornamentals)
Luffa Gourd (Baker Creek)

Best Overall Performance Annual: Portulaca ‘Colorblast Double Magenta’ (Westhoff)

Best Overall Performance Perennial: Lantana ‘Landmark Red’ (Dümmen Orange)

Best Drought-Tolerant Annual: Portulaca ‘Colorblast Double Magenta’ (Westhoff)

Best Drought-Tolerant Perennial: Panicum ‘Prairie Winds Apache Rose’ (Proven Winners)

Best Pollinator Friendly Annual: Pentas ‘Graffitti Lipstick’ (Benary)

Best Pollinator Friendly Perennial: Salvia ‘Mystic Spires Improved’ (Ball)

Best Heat-Tolerant Annual
Alternanthera ‘Plum Dandy’ (Proven Winners)
Celosia ‘Dracula’ (PanAmerican Seed)

Best Heat-Tolerant Perennial: Pennisetum ‘Red Rocket’ (Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, Inc.)

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