2018 Costa Open House: Standout Plants and Products

Although the Miami weather was a bit cool, that didn’t stop breeders, growers, and retailers from visiting the Costa Farms’ trial gardens this year for a first look at some of the newest variety introductions and some old favorites. Costa is a consumer-focused company, and its trial gardens are all about finding out which plants will perform best for consumers and ultimately help them be successful gardeners.

Visitors to the gardens have a chance to see how plants will perform outside the greenhouse, in the Southern Florida winter climate, which mimics spring growing conditions across the country. Costa plans to change up its Season Premier going forward. It will now be held the first week of March, which will allow for a longer trial period, starting at Week 50 to until the plants finish for the season or need to be ripped out to prepare for the next season premier.

Product and plant displays at Costa Farms’ headquarters highlighted some of the new products it is introducing to the market, as well as some new concepts it is testing. Visitors had a chance to see some of Costa’s new trial combos for 2019, the redesign of the Desert Escape brand, new pot designs for O2 for You and the Lucky Bamboo lines, a new deep-red anthurium color, and a fun Color Me Pot. Sprinkled throughout the display were Costa’s new customer personas ─ Ellen: The Explorer, Mark: The Hesitant, Jen: The Beautifier, Dan: The Healthful, and Alice: The Old Guard ─ a result of its customer research.


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