41 New Vegetative Petunias From California Spring Trials 2017: Northern Sites

No matter how you like your petunias  — speckled, picoteed, striped, solid, or hearted — it was hard not to find something to like at California Spring Trials (CAST) 2017. There were new petunias to see aplenty, with plant breeders introducing new container and landscape varieties that have strong branching, vibrant colors, stable patterns, vigorous growth, and more.

With the abundance of new introductions this year, we’ve made it easier for you to sift through them by separating out the vegetative petunias from the Northern sites, including selections from Westhoff Flowers, Sakata Ornamentals, Danziger, Proven Winners, and Syngenta Flowers. You’ll want to watch for more petunia slideshows featuring vegetative varieties from the Southern sites, as well as a slideshow of new seed petunias. And that’s not all; expect more slideshows by genus from Spring Trials on other varieties. We want you to have every opportunity to see what plants you have to choose from to make up a top-selling product mix for 2018.

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