American Garden Award Winners Announced

American Garden Award Winners Announced

Votes for the annual American Garden Award have been tallied. The grand prize winner is ‘SunPatiens Variegated Spread White’ impatiens.

“This is a testament to SunPatiens ability to perform in all types of climates and endure all types of weather in any state,” says Mark Seguin, Sakata’s marketing manager for vegetative crops, North America. “We are exceptionally honored to receive recognition by gardeners everywhere, and see this as further proof this is truly a winning variety.”

‘SunPatiens Spreading Variegated White’ also won an Award of Merit from the Council of The Royal Horticultural Society in 2010.

‘Dahlinova Hypnotica Lavender’ dahlia took second place for the American Garden Award while ‘Easy Wave Neon Rose’ petunia finished third.

Here are a few details on each of the three winners:

‘SunPatiens Variegated Spreading White’

An impatiens for the sun: ‘SunPatiens Variegated Spreading White’ also surprisingly performs well in shady and cool climates, surviving until the first hard frost. Its large white flowers and striking variegated foliage make it an ideal plant for the “night garden.”

‘Dahlinova Hypnotica Lavender’

‘Dahlinova Hypnotica Lavender’ is a beautifully strong plant with an amazing and striking flower color. This plant flowers over and over again. In a partial sun environment, ‘Dahlinova Hypnotica Lavender’ will offer you amazing beauty all summer long.

‘Easy Wave Neon Rose’

‘Easy Wave Neon Rose’ can be grown in sunny containers, landscape beds or just about any place you want to make a bold impression. These fast-growing and spreading petunias bloom continuously all season without cutting or dead-heading, and tolerate both hot and cool conditions extremely well. ‘Easy Wave Neon Rose’ offers vivid, eye-catching color!

These winners are available as seeds or plugs from brokers, distributors and growers and will be heavily promoted as AGA Winners to the home gardener before the 2012 gardening season.
Note: The American Garden Award program is administered by the All-America Selections Display Garden program.

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