April 2, 2008

Wave Petunias Celebrate 10th Year With TV Ad

A new commercial promoting Wave petunias in pink packaging recently debuted and will air more than 700 times on 25 national cable channels in the United States and Canada through June 11. The commercial, themed “Accept the Gardener in You,” can be seen on HGTV, DIY, E!, Lifetime, A&E and Food Network, among others. “This commercial is designed to get attention and appeal to newer, younger gardeners with an edgy, fun style,” says Diane Hund, director of marketing at Ball. “This year’s entire Wave marketing campaign is unlike anything our industry has ever seen.” “With more than 12,000 Wave Fan Club members, we know consumers are passionate about this product,” Hund says. “This brand-building campaign capitalizes on that passion to generate buzz for Wave in new ways.” For more information about Wave petunias, go to www.wave-rave.com.

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March 12, 2008

Grower Tool: Geranium Forum

Ecke Ranch recently launched an online geranium forum to the Ecke Ranch Tech Help Bulletin Board so growers can share information with each other and receive technical information from Ecke’s technical staff, respected industry leaders and university professionals. The forum can be accessed day and night, along with Ecke’s annual and poinsettia forums, at www.EckeRanchTechHelp.com. Users can generally expect a response from an expert within 24 hours. Topics expected to drive the site include general geranium culture, growth regulating, pest control, crop scheduling and variety selection. Anything geraniums goes, though, and all technical information offered is backed by Oglevee Products. Nearly 1,000 users have registered with the Ecke Ranch Tech Help Bulletin Board since the poinsettia forum was launched four seasons ago. More than 2,000 posts have been made on the poinsettia forum.

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January 16, 2008

GROWER TOOL: Pansy Primer

Syngenta has published a guide to protecting pansies that will help you manage crop growth, beat bugs and prevent foliar diseases and root rots. Download the guide here.  

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January 2, 2008

New Wave Campaign For ’08

Ball Horticultural Co. is rolling out its multimedia blitz promoting Wave petunias for the coming spring. One of the messages is, “Accept the accept the gardener in you.” An new Wave television commercial will run on leading lifestyle channels and more networks than ever before to reach a broader audience. Print advertising will continue in trade and consumer publications, as well as online advertising on popular consumer sites. There also will be a viral marketing campaign to build word-of-mouth buzz for Wave, leveraging social media like blogs, YouTube and MySpace to grow the Wave Consumer community. Public relations efforts will promote Wave in consumer magazines, radio and TV shows. Growers will be kept in the loop with post cards before and after Pack Trials and at trade shows and events. Growers will also receive the Wave Fan Club email communications and can take advantage of online support for the campaign […]

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