Armitage Among MassHort Medal Recipients

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society will recognize Allan Armitage, Pierre Bennerup, Holly Shimizu and Arabella Symington Dane this week at the 2009 Honorary Medals Dinner for their contributions to the industry.

Armitage, a Greenhouse Grower contributor and professor at the University of Georgia, will receive the George Robert White Medal of Honor. Armitage is generally credited with creating the concept of the independent trial garden, the first one of which opened in 1982 in Athens, Ga.

Bennerup, whom we recognized last year as one of Greenhouse Grower’s Perennial Personalities, is the recipient of the Jackson Dawson Award. Bennerup is president of Sunny Border Nurseries, a perennial plant producer in the Northeast. Sunny Border propagates perennials year round from cuttings, divisions, liners, tissue culture and seed.

Shimizu, executive director of the U.S. Botanic Garden (USBC) in Washington, D.C., will receive the Thomas Roland Medal. She was responsible for the overall operation of the USBC for the last nine years, and the National Garden opened in 2006 under her leadership.

Dane, a former chairman of the board of trustees of the American Horticultural Society, will receive the MassHort Large Gold Medal. She is known for her leadership on issues like public education, native plant ecology and conservation.

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