Armitage’s 5 Angelonia Selections

Armitage's 5 Angelonia Selections

The University of Georgia is trialing 20-plus angelonias this summer and, as Allan Armitage says, “they’re in full regalia.” There are, however, a handful of angelonias in the Trial Gardens at UGA that stand out from the pack. And they are:

- Alonia Blue (Danziger)
–Archangel Blue and Pink (Ball Horticultural Co.)
–Carita Purple and Raspberry (Syngenta Flowers)
–Serena Pink (PanAmerican Seed)
–Sungelonia White (Suntory Flowers)

Writes Armitage:

“I am looking at least a dozen flags from our public open house in Carita Purple. This is by far the most outstanding summer snapdragon in the trials, and it has been for weeks.

“Alonia Blue has also been outstanding and was a winner of many kudos last year, as well. Another blue is Archangel Blue, which is taller than the other two but flowering well and worthy of my recommendation.

“For a pink, Archangel Pink has caught my eye, although Serena Pink is also doing well.

“People really enjoy the color of Carita Raspberry. It is quite different. Plants seem to stand out, but its habit is a little lanky and, if not for the unique color, would not be on this list.

“Lastly, Sungelonia White is the best white in the trials at this point.

“Remember this is but a snapshot in time, and the recommendations may be different next month. Check out our website,, for up-to-date evaluations.”

Check out a slideshow of the angelonias below. Find out what Armitage’s six favorite petunias, five favorite hibiscus and four favorite verbenas in the trial gardens are.

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