Armitage’s 5 Hibiscus Favorites

Armitage's 5 Hibiscus Favorites

Fifteen or more hibiscuses are in the Trial Gardens at UGA in Athens, Ga., but there are a few standouts in Allan Armitage’s mind this summer. His five favorites in this year’s trial gardens are:

- ‘Peppermint Schnapps’
–’Brady Punch’
–’Carafe Bordeaux’
–’Cranberry Punch’
–’Royal Gems’

Writes Armitage:

“I love ‘Peppermint Schnapps’ with its handsome pink flowers lined with darker pink veins. It easily grows five feet tall. ‘Brandy Punch’ also has wonderful large pink flowers. It’s not as tall as ‘Peppermint Schnapps’ but can still reach four feet. The dark centers make a lovely contrast with the petals.

“Two handsome dwarf selections are ‘Carafe Bordeaux’ and ‘Cranberry Punch.’ I love them both, and neither grows taller than three feet.

“However, the plant that has blown everybody away with its extra-large flowers is ‘Royal Gems.’ The flowers are the largest I have ever seen–as big as a satellite dash, or perhaps two dinner plates. Unbelievable.”

Check out a slideshow of Armitage five favorites below. Learn more about the plants in the Trial Gardens at UGA online at And find out what Armitage’s six favorite petunias and four favorite verbenas in the trial gardens are.

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