Ball Buddleia Approved For Sale In Oregon

Ball Buddleia Approved For Sale In Oregon


The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has certified Ball Ornamentals’ buddleia Flutterby Grande series as non-regulated interspecific hybrids for sale in Oregon and has now listed it on its website as such. Seven Nectar Bush cultivars are approved at the ODA site. Five varieties are offered by Ball Ornamentals.

“This distinction by the Oregon Department of Agriculture is a huge validation of the value of these varieties nationally,” says Pete Kruger, general manager for Ball Ornamentals. “Ball Ornamentals is proud to offer an expanding series of ecologically responsible buddleia.”

Flutterby Grande is an interspecific cross with less viable seed that was specifically selected and introduced because of its environmental benefits. It features scented foliage and is heat and drought tolerant. For more information about the Flutterby family and Ball Ornamentals, visit

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