Ball Introduces Tough New Verbena Enduro And Geranium Double Take Series

Verbena Enduro series

A new verbena series named for its endurance and a geranium bred for its toughness are among the standouts at this year’s Ball Horticultural Spring Trials stop. 

Geranium Double Take Series (Selecta)

Double Take is a brand-new series from Selecta and is named for its double flowers that don’t shatter. To make the point at this year’s Spring Trials, Selecta had a large, blooming plant on a mechanical-bull-type rotating structure that shook the plant all day long. The flowers seemed to hold on tight.

This series now includes four colors: Red, Pink, Scarlet and White. It has the heat tolerance of an interspecific hybrid and the shelf life of a zonal. The finished size is 12 to 14 inches tall and wide.

Verbena Enduro Series (Ball FloraPlant)

The Enduro series has the hardiness of Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ with the additional benefit that it flowers steadily throughout the summer instead of in cycles. It’s winter hardy to USDA Zone 8b and handles summer heat well too.

Enduro cultivars are powdery-mildew resistant and come in an upgraded purple as well as pink and white. This series is great for the landscape with a height of 8 to 12 inches and a spread of 18 to 24 inches.

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