Battle of the Hibiscus: ‘Summer Storm’ vs. ‘˜Kopper King’

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'Kopper King' hibiscus's flower

One of the most important achievements in hibiscus hybridizing over the past five years has been the development of indeterminate blooming cultivars such as Proven Winners’ ‘SUMMERIFIC Summer Storm,’ which produces flowers at the top three to five nodes up the stems. Because hibiscus flowers last just one day, many buds are needed to prolong the bloom time.

Determinate bloomers, such as ‘Kopper King’ develop flower buds just at the tips of the stems. Thus, ‘Summer Storm’ and other indeterminate bloomers flower for approximately three months versus just one month of determinate types (in USDA Zone 5).

In addition to its longer bloom time, ‘Summer Storm’ also features improved deep wine purple foliage and colorful pink flowers with a magenta eye.

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