Bigger, Brighter Blooms

Bigger, Brighter Blooms

Bigger, Brighter Blooms


Ball Seed


The Halios Select collection of cyclamen are eyecatching, fancy varieties that offer the same outstanding Halios performance. The DHIVA varieties are compact plants with large, thick-petaled flowers and round, flat petals that spread out like a fan. They are available in Light Purple, Pure White, Purple and Salmon. The Fantasia varieties have bicolor flowers with thick petals that are curved out at the rim like a spoon. Magenta has a white rim and up to 30 percent standard blooms. Fringed varieties include White with dark foliage and Mix. Victoria 50 varieties have 50 percent fringed and 50 percent standard blooms. Salmon and Mix are new for 2008. 


Fischer USA

Goldalia dahlia offer dynamic bicolor flowers (available in rose, scarlet and orange) that will wow your customers with vibrant colors and gorgeous blooms. With outstanding performance in garden beds and containers consumers will enjoy the Goldalia varieties all season long.



Anthurium Purple is a fine plant from one of the top upcoming European breeders. The purple flower is very attractive and suitable for 4- to 5-inch pots, with very shiny, dark-green foliage.

Years of breeding have resulted in a beautifully uniform new pot hibiscus series. Features include longer lasting flowers, better performance at retail and for consumers and less flower abortion during transport. The series has novel, vibrant colors for a pot-type hibiscus. 



‘Ikon’ interspecific begonia is a new concept in begonia. Its unique habit combines delightfully tactile foliage with a wonderfully branching habit and masses of blush white flowers–a great combination for maximum impulse sales. Bred in Costa Rica, this variety knows how to perform in the plug, pot and landscape.



‘Chenzo’ is a sizzling introduction to the ornamental pepper scene. Its fiery hot fruit turn from green and black to red. A feature plant for the deck or window sill, the hot, edible fruit are carried on a well-shaped, well-proportioned plant for a quality result every time. 


Goldsmith Seeds

The brilliant shade of ‘Jester Pure Blue’ cineraria isn’t the only feature to catch the eye. Low energy input costs make Jester attractive as a cool season crop. Compact, rounded habits are easy to handle in 4- or 6-inch pots. Smaller leaves allow for easy sleeving. Jester is a good offering for fall, winter and early spring sales.


Goldsmith Seeds

Trumpet in spring with the bold, sassy colors of ‘Magic Mix’ ranunculus. Consistently high and uniform seedling yields are sure to please plug growers. A genetic dwarf, this variety requires no growth regulator treatments during its growing cycle. ‘Magic Mix’ fits perfectly into window boxes and containers of any size. 




Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants

Rehmannia ‘Rufus’ is a robust, hardy annual with large, carmine-rose foxglove-like flowers. Supported by large, toothed deep green leaves, it is ideal for large patio pots in sun or shade. Being heat and drought tolerant, it is suitable for northern, southern or western climates.

Garden Splendor

Geum ‘Mango Lassi’ has lovely, semi-double blooms in delicate shades of soft orange and mango. Flowering begins in early summer through autumn. The well-branched stems are good for cutting and the dense, mounding habit does well in well-drained containers. 


Pan American Seed

‘Primlet Red Shades Improved’ primula has a brighter color than the original and is slightly earlier to flower. Primlet is an exciting addition to gift plant programs, featuring attractive clusters of scented blooms that look like bouquets of mini-roses. It is long-lasting as an indoor plant, up to three weeks.



Sakata Seed America

Festival gerberas offer four new colors: Apricot with Eye, Red with Eye, Spider Yellow and Spider Salmon Red Shades Improved. Apricot with Eye displays bold, intense apricot color with a contrasting dark center. Red with Eye has intense, red color with a dark contrasting center. Spider Yellow and Spider Salmon Red Shades offer the unique spider flower form. All varieties offer a uniform, compact plant habit and shorter flower stems for easier shipping and management at retail. 


Schoneveld Twello

The Super Series Verano F1 hybrid cyclamen series with its many small leaves doesn’t delay flowering when grown under extreme warm conditions and keeps a perfectly round plant structure. Because of its uniform flowering, this series is suitable for tightly scheduled production. Available in 12 colors.


Schoneveld Twello

Super Series XL F1 cyclamen shows a long shelf life, with rich uniform blooming, unique hardiness and a round habit. The combination between plant size and large flower size makes this variety very economical for growing. Available in 22 colors.


Selecta First Class

‘Christmas Angel Dark Pink’ and ‘Christmas Angel Marble’ are additions to the red ‘Christmas Angel’ poinsettia introduced last year. They are early season varieties with a response time of eight weeks. They have a medium to high vigor, upright growth habit and excellent branching characteristics. The Christmas Angel series is energy- and space-efficient, very uniform and easy to grow. 



‘Blue Star Creeper,’ in addition to being a great lawn substitute and filler between stepping stones and around ponds and decks and in containers. This creeping perennial is easy to grow and maintain, blooms from spring to frost and is hardy to Zones 5-9. 



Yoder Brothers

Campanula ‘Starina Bicolor Star’ is a great pot plant with an excellent shelf life. The Starina series of campanulas are heavy flowering, compact and covered with big, starry flowers. Available as Blue Star, White Star and Bicolor Star.


Yoder Brothers

Pot mum ‘Durango’ displays gorgeous, orange decorative flowers with harmonious golden tones. Habit and flowering uniformity are unmatched by any other bronze pot mum on the market, with excellent plant strength year round. It can be grown with ZBR (zero bud removal) and is outstanding when disbudded with large, well-petaled flowers.