Bioglow’s Newest Breakthrough In Glowing Plants Technology

Comparison of 'Starlight Avatar' (right) and next generation (left) light emission archetypes in test cells.

Comparison of ‘Starlight Avatar’ (right) and next generation (left) light emission archetypes in test cells.

Following the successful commercial launch of Bioglow’s first glowing plant product, ‘Starlight Avatar’ in February, the company announces its newest breakthrough in autoluminescent plant technology. This new discovery will enable robust enhancement of brightness in the next generation of glowing plant products.

Nicotiana 'Starlight Avatar' from Bioglow is the world's first light-producing plant.

Nicotiana ‘Starlight Avatar’ from Bioglow is the world’s first light-producing plant.

Compared to nicotiana ‘Starlight Avatar,’ which required short eye adaptation to dark to see the fully pronounced glow, it is expected that the next generation of products will be readily visible and pave the way to glowing plants landscaping and novel types of night gardens.

The company is currently seeking partners to bring its next generation of glowing plants to market.

Bioglow is a biotechnology company that developed the world’s first autoluminescent glowing plants. The company’s first commercial product, nicotiana ‘Starlight Avatar,’ debuted on the U.S. market in early 2014 and specimens were sold via auction on eBay.

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