Blooming Potted Plants for 2018 From California Spring Trials

There’s nothing quite as nice as having a little bit of living color indoors. Blooming potted plants are ideal for brightening up interior spaces, and they make great container plants for a pop of color on the patio or deck. They’re also the perfect gift plant. We asked breeders to give you a peek at some of the great blooming potted plants they’re introducing this year at California Spring Trials. These new varieties offer long bloom times, good branching, and excellent vigor and uniformity. Look for them to show up on the retail market in 2018.

In case you missed  these other great slideshows previewing new plant introductions from California Spring Trials 2017:

New Petunias and Calibrachoas for 2018 from California Spring Trials

Phlox, Zinnias, and More for 2018 From California Spring Trials

Begonias, Dahlias, and More for 2018 from California Spring Trials

New Perennials and Tender Perennials for 2018 from California Spring Trials

Shrubs, Subshrubs, and Groundcovers from California Spring Trials 2017

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