February 1, 2011

Download: 2010 Poinsettia Season Recap

Did you know that 64.8 percent of our poinsettia survey respondents said current retail poinsettia prices are too low? What do you think? What will the 2011 poinsettia season look like for greenhouse growers and at garden center retail? Want the complete results of our 2010 Poinsettia Season survey? Our white paper includes stats and essay answers from the growers who took our survey and links to even more on poinsettias. Click here to download the Poinsettia Season Recap White Paper now.

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January 26, 2011

Poinsettia Season 2010 Recap: Making The Most Of Poinsettias

Of all the floriculture crops currently being produced, the poinsettia might be the one that concerns growers the most. From rock-bottom retail prices and high production costs to oversaturation of existing markets and a lack of developing ones, more growers are walking away from poinsettias these days. Last year, when Greenhouse Grower first revived its poinsettia survey from the early 2000s, 3.6 percent of growers who produced poinsettias in 2009 indicated they would not grow them again in 2010. This year, when we again asked growers if they plan to grow poinsettias in 2011, 7.4 percent say they won’t grow poinsettias when the time comes later this year. No, that 7.4 percent figure isn’t overwhelming. It is, however, somewhat alarming that fewer growers are committing to poinsettias. A few other poinsettia survey findings may raise your eyebrows, as well: – More than 40 percent of growers admit they produce poinsettias […]

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January 3, 2011

Poinsettia Variety Favorites Of 2010

Mitchell’s Nursery and Greenhouse hosted an open house early last month in which it displayed 65 different poinsettia varieties. As part of the open house, Mitchell’s asked attendees to list their five favorite poinsettia varieties within five different categories: red, white, pink, novelty and marble. Mitchell’s also asked attendees to list their top three varieties. These are the favorites, according to Mitchell’s: Red 1. ‘Carousel Dark Red’ 2. ‘Prestige Maroon’ 3. ‘Red Jubilee’ (1139 red) 4. ‘Red Elf’ 5. ‘Novia’ White 1. ‘White Christmas’ 2. ‘Cortez White’ 3. ‘Infinity Polar’ 4. ‘Polar Bear’ 5. ‘Premium Polar’ Pink 1. ‘Pink Cadillac’ 2. ‘Pollys Pink’ 3. ‘Mars Pink’ 4. ‘Pink Elf’ 5. ‘Enduring Pink’ Novelty 1. ‘Ice Punch’ 2t. ‘Cortez Burgundy’ 2t. ‘Shimmer Surprise’ 4. ‘Jingle Bells 3’ 5. ‘Monet Twilight’ Marble 1. ‘Marblestar’ 2. ‘Christmas Angel Marbella’ 3. ‘Winter Blush’ 4. ‘Infinity Marble’ 5. ‘Sonora Marble’ Top 3 Overall 1. ‘Ice […]

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December 3, 2010

Ice Crystal Poinsettia From Dummen

RED FOX Ice Crystal is a novelty donning true Christmas color and sharing all the good characteristics of the RED FOX Premium poinsettia family. Premium Ice Crystal is a  red and white poinsettia. The newest addition to the Premium Family, Ice Crystal offers a distinctive bract color.

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August 31, 2010

GroLink Garden Mum Open House Schedule

GroLink will present its entire collection of Belgian Mums, High Flyers and 2011 introductions at four different greenhouse sites in September. The industry is welcome to attend. Dates and sites are as follows: –September 20. C. Raker & Sons, Litchfield, Mich. Contact Steve Reed at 517 817-8797 or [email protected]–September 22. Schenck Farms & Greenhouses, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Contact Joe Schenck at 905 684 5478 or [email protected]–September 30. Kube Pak, Alentown, N.J. Contact: Jeff Walls at 609 259-3114 or [email protected]–September 1-25. Grolink, Oxnard, Calif. Contact Carl Ruisi at 805 798-2601 or [email protected]

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August 20, 2010

Rocket Farms and Ecke Ranch Create Poinsettia Certification

Rocket Farms has partnered with poinsettia breeder Ecke Ranch to create a comprehensive training program that will provide growers with the knowledge to grow superior poinsettias. Rocket Farms will leverage Ecke Ranch’s established expertise to teach best practices, ultimately giving both retailers and consumers confidence that the poinsettias they buy will be the highest quality and longest lasting value possible. “The Ecke Ranch name is synonymous with the best poinsettias in the industry, so we are incredibly pleased to work with them on this certification program,” Marc Clark, EVP of Rocket Farms. “We look forward to drawing on a combined 150 years of growing expertise to bring a new standard of quality to the market.” Ecke Ranch and Rocket Farms recognize that staff training is not only essential to increase productivity and improve product quality, but also to inspire workers by highlighting the importance of their jobs and providing them […]

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August 17, 2010

Proactive With Poinsettias

Rocket Farms isn’t hoping for a good poinsettia season. The company is making sure it will have its best poinsettia season. Based in Salinas, Calif., Rocket Farms, which was one of our finalists for Operation of the Year, has a lot at stake. Last year, it devoted 4.4 million square feet at seven production facilities to the No. 1 blooming potted crop. It’s the largest producer of poinsettias on the West Coast, serving a variety of retailers, including Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and a wide range of supermarkets. These retailers expect better quality and are up against national home improvement chains blowing them out for a dollar each on Black Friday. “Poinsettias are a highly technical crop to grow. They are not easy and there are a lot of nuances,” says Rocket Farms’ Executive Vice President Marc Clark. “We’ve got to mitigate our risk in poinsettias and not just […]

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July 5, 2010

Spring Trials 2010: Chrysanthemum

<- Canna To Chysothemis  |  Varieties 2011 Home  |  Chrysocephalum To Coleus -> Chrysanthemum ‘Adiva Purple’ by GroLink ‘Adiva Purple’ is an excellent dark purple variety for early September. It has very good color retention in the South and a beautiful sphere habit with strong and flexible stems. Chrysanthemum ‘Amora Pink’ by GroLink ‘Amora Pink’ is a great pink decorative for late October sales and is adaptable to any container size. Chrysanthemum ‘Bernadette Yellow’ by Syngenta Flowers An anemone flower with a daisy look, this yellow Yoder garden mum has long-lasting flowers on a well-rounded plant habit. Chrysanthemum ‘Cinnamon Pueblo’ by Syngenta Flowers “Cinnamon Pueblo’ is a new orange Yoder pot mum introduction for this year. Plants have a dark orange daisy flower with a fresh green eye and strong semi-upright growth. Chrysanthemum ‘Frosty Cheryl’ by Syngenta Flowers This new Yoder garden mum has crisp, clear-white flowers that stand out […]

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February 5, 2010

Three Questions With A Poinsettia Retailer

Nola Wagner Of Wagner’s Greenhouses offers feedback on the state of poinsettias at her retail operation. Is the popularity of poinsettias waning at your store? The popularity has decreased a little at our store, but we are still even with last year. Not an increase, however. Customers are buying smaller sizes, the 6½ inch container being the most popular. And, of course, red is the most popular color. How do you make poinsettias special? We try to make all sizes special by using “glitterama.” That is spray painting and adding glitter. We try to match their décor colors, if possible. Some customers will bring in a fabric swatch to match. We also use a little artistic drama by using different colors on the same plant with overspray. It adds depth to the overall loo We also offered a “holiday package” of a 6½-inch poinsettia and a 24-inch wreath combo at […]

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December 28, 2009

The 99-Cent Poinsettia

I sifted through the Black Friday ads like many people Thanksgiving morning to see which products retailers were offering at mega-low prices. Big-screen TVs, digital cameras and navigation devices, many of which were displayed on ad covers, were some of the biggest draws. The cover of Home Depot’s Black Friday ad in my region had a different look: 6-inch poinsettias originally priced at $3.98 were being offered for 99 cents. There was a limit of 10 poinsettias per purchase, and the offer was for Friday only. For the record, Lowe’s also had a 99-cent poinsettia promotion on the cover of its ad, but Home Depot’s was the one that shocked me most because of the space dedicated to the 99-cent doorbuster. The promotion, appearing near the top of the ad’s first sheet with a block of white lettering that read “99¢,” was the first thing my eyes were drawn to. […]

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December 23, 2009

Checking In With Rocket Farms

Based in Salinas, Calif., Rocket Farms is the largest poinsettia grower on the West Coast, devoting 4.4 million square feet of greenhouse space to producing the signature Christmas crop. Sales Manager Doug Brothers shares the trends from this season. Outside of floriculture, Rocket Farms is known for vegetable transplants. Poinsettias were its first big floriculture crop and the company has since expanded into phalaenopsis orchids. Rocket Farms is unique from most large operations growing poinsettias in that it still grows and maintains mother stock plants to take cuttings from instead of receiving cuttings from offshore.  As the season was getting under way Dec. 8, Brothers shared details on this year’s crop and retail demand. GG: How many poinsettias will Rocket Farms produce this year?  1,400,000 – In what sizes?   2.5″–4.5″–5″–6.5″–8″–10″  – Colors?  72 percent red, 28 percent colors.    – Varieties?  Too many to list..  Including red, we grow 45 different varieties from four different […]

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December 18, 2009

North Florida Poinsettia Retail Report

With cool and wet weather, the traffic in many stores on Friday, December 4 was much lower than I anticipated. However, with less rain on Saturday, many stores experienced an increase in consumer shopping. By the afternoon of Saturday, December 5, the sun came out and more consumers were out shopping. Poinsettias were seen in many shopping carts and live Christmas trees were moving out at a furious pace. Walmart Walmart focused on high-volume items offering 6-inch, 6.5-inch, 1-gallon, 8-inch and a really nice poinsettia/foliage 12-inch bowl. The 8-inch poinsettia retailing for $9 was an exceptional value, as well as the poinsettia/foliage Bowl at $15. Walmart’s overall product quality from Metrolina Greenhouses was above average with good packaging and well-placed displays. The biggest challenge Walmart faces is having enough covered selling areas with some stores forced to sell in shade structures and outside areas. Overall, Walmart continues to upgrade its […]

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