Bodger’s Jones Buys Botanicals Division

Bodger's Jones Buys Botanicals Division

Bodger Seeds’ sales and marketing director Steve Jones has purchased the Bodger Botanicals division and launched a new company called Green Fuse Botanicals in Santa Monica, Calif.

When Bodger’s key seed lines were sold to Benary in Germany last month, we wondered what would happen to Bodger Botanicals, which is focused on vegetative annuals. This division, which launched in 2000, has been a bright spot for the company, encompassing a collection of innovative genetics from many independent breeders. These include the Sweet Caroline ipomoeas, Cathedral salvias, Tiny Tunia petunias, as well as accent plants like phormiums.

Jones was involved in the selection of each variety since the beginning and will incorporate the entire collection into Green Fuse Botanicals. “We are happy to see this product line being carried forward by Steve, who has been closely involved from the beginning,” Kim Bodger says. “As the program moves forward, we would like to thank all of the Bodger, Michell and JVK employees and other partners who have helped make Botanicals the success it has been.”

Green Fuse will continue to distribute its product line exclusively through Henry F. Michell Co. in the United States and through JVK in Canada. Unrooted cuttings will be produced by GroLink’s Athena Plants in Brazil and rooted young plants will be supplied by rooting stations throughout the United States and Canada.

“Bodger Botanicals gained a reputation for introducing innovative products,” Jones says. “Green Fuse plans to follow this same model. We are fortunate to be familiar with every aspect of the product line and its delivery to market. We are focused on a smooth transition for the upcoming season.”

Previously, the cuttings were produced by Bodger in Chile. Jones says the move to Brazil will be better because Chile more difficult to work in as a plant propagator. “In Chile, it was tough to import new genera,” Jones explains. “Due to environmental legislation, a risk assessment is required on everything imported. The legislation was passed with no funding to conduct risk assessments. It’s much easier to work in Brazil.”

While Bodger was a breeder in Bodger Botanicals, Green Fuse will not be involved in breeding directly. “I will be picking up the Bodger-bred items and carrying them forward,” Jones says.

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  1. Rick Michell

    Too bad we got stuck with jason Reilly. Wish Steve had made him part of the deal. Oh, well, maybe he can go to McHuchinson too with all the rest.