Burpee Sponsoring Public TV Series

Burpee Sponsoring Public TV Series

Burpee Home Gardens is sponsoring a new public TV series called “Growing A Greener World.” This groundbreaking show begins airing nationally in May and stars recognized gardening personalities Joe Lamp’l and Patti Moreno, as well as celebrity chef Nathan Lyon, the host of “A Lyon in the Kitchen” on Discovery Health.

Each episode–26 in all between 2010 and 2011–will feature people, places and organizations that use gardening and eco-friendly practices to promote environmental stewardship. Viewers will learn how to apply these same principles to make a difference in their own little corner of the world.

Each week, Lamp’l and Moreno will deliver the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how to a 21st century audience. In addition, Lyon will show viewers how to prepare great meals with fresh-from-the-garden produce and local ingredients.

It is this target audience–the casual gardener interested in learning more about gardening and sustainable living–that Burpee Home Gardens is excited to reach.

“As the home vegetable gardening sector heats up, the sponsorship and exposure opportunities through ‘Growing A Greener World’ will strengthen the Burpee Home Gardens brand and get consumers asking for it by name at retail,” says Jessie Atchison, brand manager for Burpee Home Gardens. “We think our target audience will find real value in the unique messaging of this television series, which focuses on teaching viewers about a full range of topics in gardening and sustainable living.”

“Growing A Greener World” will reach an estimated 175 public TV affiliates, creating more than 8.2 million total impressions for the Burpee Home Gardens brand. For more information about the Burpee Home Gardens program, visit BallHort.com/BurpeeHomeGardens.

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