Continuous And Colorful

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Continuous And Colorful

Noa calibrachoa hybrida is a sensational crop series for early spring sales and beyond. Expect a mounded profusion of continuous color all spring, summer and fall. Noa will also flower under short days (10 hours).

Danziger’s Noa varieties are well established in the marketplace and are universally known to growers for legendary garden performance, dependable plant vigor, superior heat tolerance and improved disease resistance. Plants are adorned with an abundance of attractive blossoms. Flower size is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, packing irresistible product appeal and reliability.

The Noa series includes 21 stunning breeding innovations. Leading the list are six beautiful newcomers for 2010. These vibrant additions are Almond Blossom, Tangerine, Mango Eye improved, Peach, Dark Pink Carnival and Mega Raspberry. The Mega sub series also includes Mega Magenta and Mega Pink. Mega varieties have much larger flowers approaching 2.25 inches in diameter.

Moreover, ‘Noa Dark Pink Carnival,’ the first of its kind, combines a very unusual pure white center with a shimmering hot pink flower. Just one look at this sizzling new calibrachoa, and you will see the difference. Reliable and continuous blooming, Dark Pink Carnival makes for an impressively unique new addition. All Noa varieties are now available this fall from your preferred broker both in rooted and unrooted cuttings for the coming 2010 season.

Additionally, Noa has an amazing semi-trailing habit, plus superior center branching that makes for endless possibilities in patio combinations, hanging baskets, window boxes and pots of all sizes. The rainbow of colors are not the limit when it comes to design combinations. Also, Noa varieties are used just as effectively in the landscape and any high-profile area where concentrated color is desired or required.

Other attributes include dense self branching, making tight compact plants that exhibit superior outdoor performance in rainy and windy conditions. Plants are self cleaning, easy to grow, sun loving and self maintaining, making Noa calibrachoa desirable to both the commercial grower and the homeowner.

Growers looking to increase spring sales with a crop that exudes those characteristics may want to give Noa calibrachoas a shot. Instant product appeal, early spring sales and a higher dollars-per-square-foot yield are other compelling reasons to give thought and consideration to Noa.

Limor Ben-Zaken is the advertising coordinator at Danziger 'Dan' Flower Farm.

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