California Spring Trials 2013 Preview: New Annuals Introductions

Petunia Limbo *GP*, Hem Genetics

Petunia 'Limbo *GP* Rose Morn' from Hem Genetics

In 2013 Hem Genetics introduces *GP* (Great Performance) colors in the Petunia grandiflora Limbo series and Petunia multiflora Mambo series. Limbo *GP* and Mambo *GP* offer an even greater performance during the whole chain from grower to final consumer.

Limbo *GP* and Mambo *GP* will not replace the standard Limbo and Mambo series but will be offered in addition to them. The nine new Limbo *GP* colors to be launched are rose, salmon, red, rose-veined, red-veined, pink morn, rose morn, salmon morn and peach.

The standard Limbo series will be extended to seventeen colors with the addition of a new plum color.

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