Discovering Dahlias

Discovering Dahlias

Dahlia ‘Dreamy Fantasy’

Cultivaris And Dümmen

Dahlia Dreamy Series

Dreamy is a unique mid-sized dahlia series with dark burgundy foliage and medium-sized, semi-double flowers in a range of two-tone colors with a dark eye. The series includes Dahlia ‘Dreamy Eyes,’ Dahlia ‘Dreamy Fantasy,’ Dahlia ‘Dreamy Fusion,’ Dahlia ‘Dreamy Inspire,’ Dahlia ‘Dreamy Moonlight’ and Dahlia ‘Dreamy Passion.’ Each dahlia in the series is great for sale in quarts or gallons, with excellent presentation and retail appeal. They also work well in mixed containers or bedding for the consumer and flower non-stop from April until frost.

Unrooted cuttings of Dreamy are available from mother plants grown at Dümmen’s Las Mercedes/El Salvador facility. This high-quality, reliable supply of vegetative URCs is available to growers for sticking this spring. The varieties are also available from the Cultivaris Root and Sell Network and HMA from the Floraplant Mexico facility.  

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