Danziger’s Dazzling Debuts

Danziger’s Dazzling Debuts

Danziger's Dazzling Debuts

It’s another banner year for new introductions, with Danziger showing 45 of 65 new varieties at the trials from angelonia to verbena. (no vegetative zinnias, yet.) One exciting addition is ‘Calitunia Pink,’ which joins ‘Calitunia Purple,’ a revolutionary breakthrough as the first genetic cross between petunias and calibrachoas, offering large flowers and pH tolerance. In Noa calibrachoas, additions include Dark Pink Carnival, with carmine flowers and a striking white center.


When it comes to large-flowered bacopas, Danziger is the undisputed king with ‘Scopia Gulliver White’ as its top selling variety in the company by volume. To become a Gulliver, flowers must be one-inch big. In the Great subseries, flowers are just shy of becoming Gulliver. New this year is ‘Scopia Great Violet Magic.’

Nemesia is another key crop. ‘Nesia White Shell’ is highly fragrant with large, white flowers. Danziger’s Reese Kikka calls the Super Nesias “drop dead gorgeous. They would fly out of any garden center.” New colors include Yellow and Bright Red.

The Littletunias that debuted last year performed well in university field trials. Six new colors join that series.

Danziger also is licensed to produce Floranova’s Doublet double begonias.

The big new breeding direction for Danziger is perennials and hardy annuals. Plants are being trialed and have been overwintered at Sunny Border Nursery in Connecticut. We got to see varieties that will most likely debut in 2011. These include a collection of heucheras, lamium, coreopsis and gaillardia.

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