Ecke Ranch Restructures Pricing

For the first time, Ecke will publish grower list pricing for all unrooted, callused and prefinished products for both Ecke Geraniums and The Flower Fields. Changes will be effective for shipments beginning late this year.

“In recent times, grower pricing has become muddied,” says Tom Hennessey, national sales director. “Often, it was not clear what the final price to a grower might be for a given product.”

The published grower list price will be a “landed” cost, including cutting, intellectual property fee and freight for all unrooted and callused cuttings. Cutting and intellectual property fee will be bundled for all prefinished products.

In addition, all remaining non-published rooted products will have bundled price points that include the cutting and intellectual property fee. For tiered quoted and volume discount customers, Ecke will be presenting the “landed” and bundled price models in this category as well, providing for cost estimation efficiency while maintaining competitive pricing for higher volume customers.

“This pricing change will make it easier for growers to understand their total ‘all-in’ price from Ecke, making buying decisions easier” Hennessey says. “There is too much confusion regarding price in the marketplace in general. With this change, it will be easier to use, understand and compare Ecke pricing so the most informed buying decisions are made.

“With this new system, the fees are bundled together. We are keeping our very competitive program for quoted and volume discounts in place, but we will be bundling the cost components together into a single price point.”

Order forms, catalogs and program guides will be available for all products at starting April 1, 2009. Tags will continue to be optional, and not a part of the bundling noted above.

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