Edible Efforts

American Takii
Bred by Sahin, stevia ‘Sweet Herb’ is a tender perennial. It has extremely sweet foliage, and the leaves can be used directly in hot drinks such as tea and coffee to add sweetness. It is FDA approved as an herbal supplement and is excellent for vegetable and herb gardens, window boxes, containers and pots.
Ball Horticultural Company
‘Golden Honey Bunch’ tomato is a golden yellow grape tomato that’s super-sweet and produces high yields. ‘Golden Honey Bunch’ is a pole- or stake-type variety that will reach up to half an ounce in mature size in 51 days.
‘Camelot’ sweet bell pepper is a sturdy, 20 to 24-inch plant that produces high yields of large (5-inch), extra-firm fruit with thick walls and three to four lobes. ‘Camelot’ resists all three races of Bacterial Leaf Spot, Tobacco Mosaic. It displays a dark green or red color and matures in approximately 75 days.
‘Biscayne Anaheim’ peppers are Cubanelle peppers that are produced on 24- to 30-inch plants in light green or red. These peppers mature in 65-70 days and its fruit will reach a length of 6 1/2 inches.
Harris Seeds
‘Moreton’ hybrid has a strong reputation for its great eating quality. Although it is not firm, it has been known as a connoisseur’s favorite. Its large, meaty and delicious fruit mature early. It has an oblate shape and rich red color. Its indeterminate vines do best if staked or trellised and produce over a long period.
 ‘El Hombre’ produces excellent, early yields of classic large, thick Cayenne-type fruit. The 9-inch long fruit taper to a point and have heavy wrinkles at the crown turning to finer wrinkles at the point. The medium green fruit ripen to a bright red at full maturity with excellent Cayenne flavor and aroma.
 ‘Sweet Hearts’ is a grape tomato that produces high yields, bright red color and excellent flavor. ‘Sweet Hearts’ is very sweet, with high sugars and has excellent shelf life. It’s resistant to cracking, TMV and Fusarium wilt.
‘Marcato,’ a high-quality Long Horn type is a must for growers offering specialty sweet peppers at roadside stands or farmers’ markets. ‘Marcato’ produces beautiful fruit that have good flesh thickness and ripen from green to a brilliant red and have a very sweet flavor at full maturity.
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
The new ‘Amethyst Improved’ is the darkest purple basil Johnny’s Selected Seeds have ever seen. Thick, turned-down leaves are likened to the classic Genovese. This almost-black basil is a real stunner that reaches a height of 16 to 20 inches and takes 60 days to harvest.
The new ‘Solid Gold’ tomato is bite-size and struts a beautiful yellow color. It has a wonderful, sweet, full flavor. Its fruits have good texture and resist splitting. They are slightly smaller than ‘Golden Sweet’ and yield huge amounts of firm fruit in nice clusters.
‘Barbados’ is a new glossy green lettuce perfect for baby leaf or mini-head production. Its leaf is thicker than average, so yield potential is high. Very crisp with a sweet taste, ‘Barbados’ produces excellent, compact, dense mini heads, but crop is best when grown in cooler weather and harvested promptly to avoid tip burn.
‘Apple’ is a mild pepper that’s juicy and sweetly fruity. Average 4-inch top-shaped fruits are more rounded than ‘Lipstick,’ a little heavier and mature a few days later. ‘Apple’ comes in organic and non-organic seeds. Medium-sized plants yield well in diverse climates.
‘Tumbling Junior’ is a great new alternative to the popular ‘Tumbling Tom’ − perfect when space is limited. ‘Tumbling Junior’ is highly branched with a great trailing habit for use in containers and baskets. Cherry-sized, bright-orange fruit are produced in abundance and taste irresistible.
‘Ebony’ and ‘Ivory’ are compact, well-branched aubergine that produce many small fruit. Maturing to 17 inches, these compact plants make excellent container items.
Basil ‘Aristotle’ is highly fragranced and tasty. This ornamental Greek basil is mounded with a neat habit, which makes an appealing pot product.
 ‘Sweet ‘N’ Neat’ is bred for great tasting fruit on compact plants that are big in flavor. Each plant will retail with over 15 ripe fruit. ‘Sweet ‘N’ Neat’ is great for instant container gardening and comes in scarlet, cherry red and yellow.
As the name suggests, chive ‘Gigantic’ is bigger than the average variety. Chive ‘Gigantic’ produces a stunning white flower and is the perfect choice for adding height to mixed containers. For the best effect, Gigantic should be multisown with six to eight seeds per plug/pot.

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