Emerald Coast’s Native Wonders Collection Expands

Emerald Coast’s Native Wonders Collection Expands

Emerald Coast's Native Wonders Collection Expands

Responding to increased demand throughout North America, Emerald Coast Growers has expanded the scope of its Native Wonders selection for its 2010-2011 starter plant catalog.

“The flora of North America is so diverse, the choices can be overwhelming,” says marketing manager John Friel. “And the very word ‘native’ has unfortunately become something of a political football. With Native Wonders, one of our goals was to make it easy for growers to choose what native plants to offer.”


For 2010 and 2011, the Native Wonders collection more than doubles, now consisting of 27 ornamental grasses and 41 perennials.

“For growers looking to get into natives, or to increase the percentage of natives in their offering, all the ingredients are there,” Friel says. “But most importantly, these plants really belong in the landscape–not just because they evolved here, but because they look terrific.”

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