Encore Azalea Spotlights Container Gardening

Garden professionals and consumers can find insight into all things related to Encore Azaleas, from regional care to spacing suggestions, in the latest digital magazine from Encore Azalea.  Novice and master gardeners alike will enjoy the photos and articles while taking advantage of the simple planting instructions and easy care tips found in Flourish with Encore Azalea.

This latest edition illustrates how to start with Encore Azalea as a base plant and create versatile, sustainable containers for home spaces in every season of the year. The magazine also offers valuable information for avid gardeners, including first-time planting and care tips, best time to plant, variety and space recommendations and specific regional care.

There is a feature on Robert E. “Buddy” Lee, the inventor of Encore Azaleas and a well-known plant breeder. Lee offers his tips and techniques on soil amendment, planting, mulching, watering and pruning.
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