ePlantSource.com Now Accepting Orders For Live Goods

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ePlantSource, an online broker of live goods to professional greenhouse growers in North America, is now accepting orders at ePlantSource.com. This proprietary eCommerce site provides growers with a self-service, price-efficient, system to place, track and edit orders. The online storefront streamlines the supply chain, provides up-to-the-moment availability and furnishes instant order updates and shipment notifications.

The site is live and can be viewed at www.ePlantSource.com. Visitors will have access to an online catalog with more than 9,000 varieties, availability for more than 22,000 products and the opportunity to place seamless orders for the 2013/2014 season.

Live demos will demonstrate ePlantSource at booth 2810 at OFA Short Course Convention in Columbus, Ohio, July 13 to 16. Additionally, the team is ready via live chat (PlantSource.com/support), phone (855-674-8440) or email (CustomerService@ePlantSource.com) to answer any questions.

Gary Falkenstein, President/CEO of ePlantSource is excited to be taking the business online. “I would like to invite everyone to come to our site and check us out,” he says. “See what ePlantSource has to offer with our quick and reliable system that organizes the information and puts it right at your fingertips. We like to think that we are taking a lot of the work out of your order management experience.”

ePlantSource is powered by a team of industry, systems and marketing professionals, including:
Gary Falkenstein, President/CEO
Jennifer Fisher, CFO
Scott Hanks, Vice President/COO
Suzanne McKee, Director of Marketing
Bruce Melin, Data Manager/Customer Service
Alma Mendez, Head of Customer Service

To learn more visit ePlantSource.com/Home/About.

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2 comments on “ePlantSource.com Now Accepting Orders For Live Goods

  1. Dave Jensen

    This has been tried for 15 years by about a dozen companies. ALL died and lost everything. this market does NOT work for e-commerce. Farmers and e tech don't mix. trust me. Bye bye

  2. Vickie Fishburn

    This is for Dave Jensen who left a bad review. I’ve owned a nursery for 20 yrs. I gow most everything, from seed or plugs. Plugs you have to buy through a broker. So evidentially you know nothing about, or when you get your plant material you have a problem in your greenhouse. Usually isn’t the brokers fault.