EuroAmerican Propagators Brings In-Ground Tests Back To California Spring Trials

EuroAmerican Propagators’ decision to move its California Spring Trials (CAST) location back to its Bonsall headquarters was deemed risky by some, and applauded by others who said they enjoyed seeing the older format of actual trials at the company. The location included in-ground trials and container trials, and included genetics from a number of breeders who submitted them.

For the past few years, EuroAmerican has collaborated with Suntory Flowers on a CAST location at the Ventura Botanical Gardens, but this year, the grower opted to hold its own open house back in the San Diego area. Many have gotten used to not traveling as far south, but as of the first day of the open house, Friday, April 8, EuroAmerican had received a number of visitors, despite the rainy and cool conditions.

The in-ground trials were meant to simulate real growing conditions with real-life challenges in the garden, compared to the controlled environment of a garden center. Plants were still treated if necessary, but overall they were left alone to show their true performance in the garden.

EuroAmerican highlighted some of its new picks with blue flags, including the roll out of its new Celestial Gems succulent series, in both the in-ground and container trials.

Check out the slideshow to see highlights of the EuroAmerican Propagators trial, which Greenhouse Grower editors attended on April 8.


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