First Step Exclusively Offering Australian Anigozanthos

First Step Exclusively Offering Australian Anigozanthos

Now available exclusively from First Step Greenhouses are the long-lasting anigozanthos Velvet Range hybrids, the latest from Australia plantsman and breeder Keith Oliver.

 “Through careful breeding and selection, Oliver has produced another winner, answering industry demand for a mid-sized, more ink spot-resistant kangaroo paw that lasts for many more years in the landscape than other cultivars,” says Dan Gibson, president of First Step Greenhouses.

The Velvet Range is a collection of landscape-hardy anigozanthos hybrids. They come from a breeding program designed to select cultivars that meet basic criteria, including dense foliage, improved resistance to ink spot and a nice flower habit. Of course, bloom impression is also a top priority, and it shows with Velvet Range’s big, bold flowers in spring and early summer.

Currently, the Velvet Range consists of four varieties:

–’Amber Velvet’ displays a range of brilliant orange flowers in spring and early summer.
–’Gold Velvet’ has very clean foliage and magnificent yellow flowers.
–’Regal Velvet’ features great foliage and attractive flowers with red and green highlights.
–’Ruby Velvet’ has stunning red flowers that appear in spring and summer.

Plant heights for the collection range from 3 feet to about 4.5 feet, with ‘Ruby Velvet’ being the most compact at about 3 feet tall and ‘Regal Velvet’ being the tallest with a bloom height of near 4.5 feet in optimal conditions.

Over the years, Keith Oliver has made other anigozanthos selections, including ‘Little Jewel,’ ‘Space Age,’ ‘Elegant Charmer’ and ‘Big Red.’

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