Fischer Recalls Ethiopian Shipments Of ‘Callie Orange’

The following is a notice from Fisher USA on Callie Orange Calibrachoa from Ethiopia:

We have discovered some incidence of TMV (Tobacco Mosaic Virus) in our stock of Callie Orange Calibrachoa at the farm in Ethiopia. To minimize the risk, we are asking that all of the Callie Orange you have received be dumped as early as possible–it is better to be safe.  If you received Callie Orange from Portugal or China these are fine (no virus).

TMV is spread only mechanically (by hands, clothing and plant to plant contact) therefore, it is extremely important that you use caution when dumping the Callie Orange to not contact other plants in the area (other Calibrachoa, petunias, verbena, impatiens–and to be safe all others).  Please dump the Callie Orange into plastic garbage bags in the greenhouse, at the point where they are on the bench, and carry out of the aisle to dump outside the crop area. Do this work at the end of the day and those individuals should not work in any other area of the greenhouse for the rest of the day.

The area can be disinfected with Virkon S or Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP) at the labeled rate.

If your Callie Orange is already planted in large or mixed containers with other plants simply pull out the Callie Orange. Dispose of the plants into plastic bags and then carry out of the greenhouse. Again, do this at the end of the day and don’t work in any other area for the rest of the day.  It is a recommended that you do a visual inspection of these containers for 2–3 weeks after looking for other symptomatic plants.

How about your other Callies? At this time we do not see any other infection in the stock. However, as a precautionary measure we are asking that you do a visual inspection of your entire crop and report to us any potential “Suspicious” plants 1-800-344-7862.

To aid in your inspection we can send you pictures of symptomatic plants and will for everybody we have email addresses for. Also, if you would like we can send you complimentary testing kits for the virus.

You will be given full credit for all of the Callie Orange you received.

We deeply regret this inconvience.

Fischer USA

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