Flower Carpet Pink Supreme Recognized For Disease Resistance

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme Recognized For Disease Resistance

Pink Supreme is now the seventh Flower Carpet rose to earn Germany’s All Deutschland Rose (ADR) designation.

One of Flower Carpet’s three new “Next Generation” roses, Pink Supreme also scored high in the Dallas Arboretum’s 2010 plant trials.

“I know of no other eco-friendly, easy-care rose program offering so much scientifically based, unbiased backing and endorsement,” says Anthony Tesselaar, co-founder and president of the Australia-based Tesselaar Plants, which introduced Flower Carpet to the United States in 1995. “That’s what happens when every plant you offer goes through such rigorous testing–1,465 steps in all–before it’s brought to market.”

Tesselaar is particularly pleased with the ADR designation for Pink Supreme, which is now the third of the Flower Carpet line’s “Next Generation” roses to win the award. Scarlet and Amber also earned the designation, as well the original line’s Pink, White, Scarlet and Yellow.

The ADR trials are conducted over the course of three years at a number of different test sites, each enforcing the ADR program’s famous ban on spraying or other chemical support.

Learn more about the Flower Carpet roses at Tesselaar.com.

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